Discover a magical journey that unlocks your Karmic Realms through a therapeutic and immersive adventure. The Karmic Reiki and Karmic Regression Therapy Home Experience was created for you by the Originator of both Karmic Reiki and KRT.

From past lives to karmic patterns, ancestral abuse to birth trauma—this unique, professional training programme unlocks time-addicted dis-ease for you to treat and heal. With a full-colour, in-depth course book, you'll unlock an enchanting world to explore on line with videos, audio companions and four weeks of digital content to enjoy!

With auto-mentoring from Martyn Pentecost, the creator of KRT/Karmic Reiki, you'll learn everything you need to know for professional accreditation. And, when you start your training journey, you will also receive a copy of The Official Guide to Karmic Reiki and Karmic Regression Therapy.

The Original Karmic Reiki

A simple modality that regresses the client into a Karmic State of Awareness. Here the practitioner (and possibly the client too), experience a multi-sensory adventure through many lives where they can unlock the mysteries of time and heal the past.

Foundation Karmic Regression Therapy

The foundations of KRT focus upon the six Karmic Realms—behavioural experiences that often imprison us. By tackling these different Realms, we can guide people back to a state of wellbeing, harmony and emotional balance.

Miasmatic Karmic Regression Therapy

Miasma, or ancestral disease, is the foundation of mKRT. Here we seek to unlock the miasmatic trauma that is passed down from parent to child for generations. By healing the vibrations we inherited from our family, we can heal ourselves and them.

Holographic Karmic Regression Therapy

There are two moments that form the basis of HoloKRT—birth and death. When the trauma of birth interacts with our own death adventure, we experience that holography as our current state of wellbeing. By adjusting the potential death adventures, we can change this moment now for our clients and ourselves.

Viridian Karmic Regression Therapy

Our everyday lives are spent in E State or invested in V State—these two discrete states are the philosophy behind vKRT. We are either bogged down by the world around us, or we live the life of our best self. vKRT uncovers what is stopping you from being the ultimate you and helps you to remove those obstacles.

Part of One Therapy

KRT is part of One Therapy, which also includes Celtic Reiki, vReiki, PsyQ and The Viridian Method. Together these powerful development tools offer transformation across every aspect of life. By unlocking the hidden mysteries of life, One Therapy offers you and your clients practical solutions to wellbeing in the modern world.

The History of Time-Addiction Therapy

Time is merely a by-product of our consciousness...

...yet we are obsessed with time—addicted to it. Whenever we are held back by the past or worry about the future, we are feeding our addiction.

Whilst we cannot escape the necessity for experiences through time, we can shift our perspective of time to appreciate our lives in a very different way (filtered through the moment).

From moment to moment, we traverse different Karmic Realms. These are expressed through a set of contrasting emotion—emotions that motivate us in behaving certain wayss. From jealousy to hatred, yearning to naivety, we create our lives through these patterns and cycles of behaviour.

We are imbued with trauma, disease and pollution from our ancestral lineage. These subtle aspects of us create symptoms of illness that diminish our health and wellbeing. From birth to death and beyond, we navigate the challenges of time and our obsession with it.

First developed in 1998, Karmic Reiki used a set of basic tools to regress, heal and sooth clients from their past life trauma—based in buddhist philosophy, Karmic Reiki soon evolved into KRT. Here, the traditions of karma and reincarnation were apart to focus on the moment, rather than a time-specific series of events.

Further developed over two decades, KRT now consist of multilayered, multifaceted treatment methods that embrace many types of ethos and experience.


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